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Open Access
Interacting particle systems
Emmanuel Jacob, Éric Luçon, Laurent Ménard, Cristina Toninelli and Xiaolin Zeng

Open Access
Probability and algorithmics: a focus on some recent developments
Peggy Cénac, Irène Marcovici, Christelle Rovetta, Mathieu Sablik and Rémi Varloot

Open Access
Long time behaviour and mean-field limit of Atlas models
Julien Reygner

Open Access
Is future climate predictable with statistics?
Aurélien Ribes



Open Access
Empirical Phi-discrepancies and quasi-empirical likelihood: exponential bounds
Patrice Bertail, Emmanuelle Gautherat and Hugo Harari-Kermadec

Open Access
Stochastic Geometry: Boolean model and random geometric graphs
Pierre Calka, David Coupier, Jean-Baptiste Gouéré, Arnaud Rousselle and Anaïs Vergne

Open Access
Random maps
Céline Abraham, Jérémie Bettinelli, Gwendal Collet and Igor Kortchemski

Open Access
Transport inequalities and Concentration of measure
Nathael Gozlan

Open Access
Introduction to vector quantization and its applications for numerics
Gilles Pagès


Open Access
Modeling heterogeneity in random graphs through latent space models: a selective review
Catherine Matias and Stéphane Robin

Open Access
The embedding problem in iteration theory
Marek Cezary Zdun

Open Access
Generalized dhombres equations in the complex domain a survey
Ludwig Reich and Jörg Tomaschek

Open Access
Recent results on iterative roots
Witold Jarczyk

Open Access
A survey of some recent results on Risk Theory
Florin Avram, Romain Biard, Christophe Dutang, Stéphane Loisel and Landy Rabehasaina

Open Access
An overview on Approximate Bayesian computation
Meïli Baragatti and Pierre Pudlo

Open Access
Piecewise deterministic Markov process — recent results
Romain Azaïs, Jean-Baptiste Bardet, Alexandre Génadot, Nathalie Krell and Pierre-André Zitt

Open Access
À quoi ressemble un planisphère vraiment aléatoire ?
Nicolas Curien

Open Access
Walks in the quarter plane: Analytic approach and applications
Kilian Raschel

Open Access
Long time behavior of Markov processes
Patrick Cattiaux

Open Access
Applications of concentration inequalities for statistical scoring and ranking problems
Nicolas Vayatis

Open Access
Concentration inequalities, counting processes and adaptive statistics
Patricia Reynaud-Bouret

Open Access
Quantitative clts on a gaussian space: a survey of recent developments
Giovanni Peccati

Open Access
Concentration phenomena in high dimensional geometry
Olivier Guédon

Open Access
Particle methods: An introduction with applications
Piere Del Moral and Arnaud Doucet


Open Access
Low Reynolds number swimming and controllability
F. Alouges

Open Access
Modelling compressible multiphase flows
Frédéric Coquel, Thierry Gallouët, Philippe Helluy, Jean-Marc Hérard, Olivier Hurisse and Nicolas Seguin

Open Access
Varifolds and generalized curvature
Blanche Buet



Open Access
Sparse data structure design for wavelet-based methods
Guillaume Latu

Open Access
Adaptive multiresolution methods
Margarete O. Domingues, Sônia M. Gomes, Olivier Roussel and Kai Schneider

Open Access
Multiscale expansion and numerical approximation for surface defects
V. Bonnaillie-Noël, D. Brancherie, M. Dambrine, F. Hérau, S. Tordeux and G. Vial

Open Access
Random Walks and Trees
Zhan Shi


Open Access
Image processing by topological asymptotic analysis
Didier Auroux and Mohamed Masmoudi


Open Access
Mathematical models in micromagnetism: an introduction
Francois Alouges

Open Access
Domain decomposition based Newton methods for fluid-structure interaction problems
Miguel Ángel Fernández, Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau, Antoine Gloria and Marina Vidrascu

Open Access
Controllability and nonlinearity
Jean-Michel Coron


Open Access
Maximum-Norm Stability, Smoothing and Resolvent Estimates
for Parabolic Finite Element Equations
Vidar Thomée

Open Access
Space and time reconstructions in a posteriori analysis of evolution problems
Charalambos Makridakis

Open Access
Glimpses upon quasiconvex analysis
Jean-Paul Penot

Open Access
Particle filters for continuous-time jump models in tracking applications
Simon Godsill

Open Access
Une introduction au schéma de Boltzmann sur réseau
Francois Dubois

Open Access
Quelques méthodes de paramètre d'ordre avec applications à la modélisation de processus cancéreux
D. Bresch, Th. Colin, E. Grenier, B. Ribba, O. Saut, O. Singh and C. Verdier

Open Access
Duality methods for the study of Hamilton–Jacobi equations
Jean-Paul Penot and Michel Volle

Open Access
Asplund Decompositions of Monotone Operators
Jonathan M. Borwein